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Thread: Increasing storage on a '13 RT

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    Increasing storage on a '13 RT

    Now that I'm riding 2-up I find the saddlebags and top case are insufficient for extended trips. How can I - safely - increase carrying capacity? Can "bungie buddies" be installed on the standard saddlebags?

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    Well, there is a maximum permissible weight to consider but I don't think most think about that (afterall, the RT can carry more total payload than a Gold Wing or HD). You should make sure you are running GT or "heavyweight" tires to ensure you don't blow out a tire running at, or above, the GVWR

    Now, having said that, what top case do you currently have? I am not aware of any aftermarket side cases that will fit the OEM mount but Shad make a 58 liter top case (the large BMW OEM top case is 49 liters) so that would be some more space. The Shad case is expandable from, I think, 49 liters to 58 liters which is nice for when you are not needing to pack so much. You might be able to install a rack on the OEM top case that would facilitate bungeeing more stuff.
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    First, cut your packing list in half. Unless you are camping, one pannier per person can carry enough for a multi-week tour. Take light synthetics that can be layered and washed/dried overnight. One or two changes of clothes is plenty, you are touring and will not be around anyone long enough to impress them with the size of your wardrobe. Use several vacuum storage bags to drastically reduce bulk - $1 at the Dollar store, sit on them to get out 98% of the air, suck on the valve a couple times if you really need the last bit off space.

    Add a tank bag.

    Use the space under and behind the passenger seat for small, seldom used items. My tool bag is on top of the fender and the tire pump fits in the tailpiece.

    Bungie buddies can be installed, but anything carried on top of the panniers will likely block the view from the standard mirrors and may make it difficult for the passenger to get on/off. Placement will require some care to miss the locking mechanism. Here is one way to do it:
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    FYI, the max varrying weight for the big BMW top case is either 20 lbs or 10 kilos, if memory serves.
    The result is that while it has a lot of volume, you can’t carry much weight in it without running a high risk of cracking the rack it’s mounted on. I think they only made it that large so 2 hemets would fit.
    A bit of a design fault, imo. I know the engineers at the mother ship probably think everyone will follow the warning label, as most good Germans do, but in this country we tend not to be rule followers, imo.

    I know the location is a poor one for carrying a lot of weight and I try not to do so. Sometimes I can’t help myself.
    Don’t they also say not to exceed 85 mph with the topcase installed?

    Please don’t tell me what’s good for me. I’m 75 and haven’t learned yet. Don’t believe I’m trainable in some regards.
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    Get a tank bag
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