Did a tire change for a fella yesterday on his 2013 1200GS with 37K. He mentioned mushy pedal and when I rolled the bike could hear that ugly metal on metal noise. The rotor was scarred when I pulled wheel and checked things out

Not sure how it wasn't picked up on at last maintenance(not me!)


Have seen many paper thin pad material, this was way past that and a first for me.

*A side note is no one seems to be making aftermarket rotors for the Wetheads yet..2013?? Pads are different from pre 2013 as well, but obtainable.

A new OEM is over $300, I have replaced two rears for folks this season already from over adjusted linkage to dragging a big foot on a GSA with pedal extension in lowered position for miles. Expensive learning curve for even seasoned riders.