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Thread: What gives?

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    One thing that comes to mind regarding hand signals, most of us learned them riding bicycles when we were kids. I strongly suspect that the number of kids who know how to ride a bicycle has declined greatly in the last 2 or 3 decades, at least here in the U.S. Could be a contributing factor.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Stebe View Post
    I strongly suspect that the number of kids who know how to ride a bicycle has declined greatly in the last 2 or 3 decades, at least here in the U.S. Could be a contributing factor.
    Bicycles are popular around here. When I'm on bicycle trails I see all ages.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dieselyoda View Post
    You folks are so funny............I giggle a bit and wish all of you could spend a little time learning the Canadian way to handle the tards with ape hangars and open pipes: Polar Bear Bang shot, size of a big pen, big noise and the best is watching them loose their bowels.

    I live on a pretty quiet street, lots of families, kids learning how to ride bicycles and the twat that lives at the corner and rides his uninsured poser mobile accidentally went by when we were demonstrating how effective the Polar Bear Bang shot works.

    It was the week before Victoria Long weekend so we wanted to make sure it would be good to go!
    OK, I am half Canadian... WTF is a Polar Bear Bang Shot?
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    Quote Originally Posted by azgman View Post
    OK, I am half Canadian... WTF is a Polar Bear Bang Shot?
    I suspect it is similar to bird bombs which are used to scare away .... birds. Bird bombs are like a shotgun shell, but only explode in the air and have no projectile, just a bang. Works great on cats too, especially if you can lob it just right so it will explode near the cat , and totally harmless. Just a guess. I'll bet the Polar Bear Bang Shot is much louder:
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    Quote Originally Posted by azgman View Post
    OK, I am half Canadian... WTF is a Polar Bear Bang Shot?
    It's about the size of a big fountain pen, spring loaded. The shell is about the size of the end of your little finger. When you shoot it off, it whistles, goes "Bang" and crackles like fireworks.

    If you are close enough to use a hand gun on a Polar Bear, make sure your underwear has your name on it so when she eats you, at least you stand a chance of being identified. If you shoot her with a rifle, you will go to jail, they are protected and rightly so.

    Oh, don't use bear spray. They think of it as a bit of seasoning.

    I have never seen a Polar Bear in the wild but I've heard all the stories, including the one about the old male they shot at Chesterfield Inlet last year that was so big they had to cut him in pieces to put into two pick-ups. I've seen the carnage from when they thought a pick-up truck door was like the top of a sardine can. The guys inside didn't think it was funny.
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    Quote Originally Posted by azgman View Post
    OK, I am half Canadian... WTF is a Polar Bear Bang Shot?
    check out Don't forget the fourth of July is coming!
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    You guys are awesome. Reminds me of the old George Carlin joke about driving. The guy going slower than him is an a55hole, the guy going faster is a maniac. It's nice that we live in a country where you define your motorcycling experience. At 3% of the population we are an easy stroke of the pen away from becoming a fond memory. Motorcycles are an outlier, a very small segment of the population. European bike riders are even a much smaller sliver. We can bemoan other's actions all we want, but the truth is the majority of motorcycle riders in America define their style of riding to be loud, chrome and social. Many of us quietly ride by ourselves on machines that can often be compared to kitchen appliances. WE are the unusual ones here.

    I like motorcycles, all of them. I like riders, all of them. In both cases I like some much more than others. People come and go in our sport, the ones that stay figure it out. Since riders are such a small percentage of people I prefer to look at our similarities rather than our differences. It is far too easy to pick apart people because they are doing it wrong, when in reality they are just doing it different. Have I been annoyed at the constant throttle blips of a straight piped sportster at a stoplight? Yes, but in reality I have far more in common with him than I do the mom in the mini van next to him. Am I mad at him for ruining my beloved sport and making the general public hate motorcycles? Nah, I'm not the police. For every rider doing it wrong there is 10,000 teenagers texting. Quite frankly we have much bigger fish to fry.

    Its always the super brand loyal new riders that are the worst, the ones that have "bought" their way into the sport, they are simply trying too hard. They simply want acceptance and in their mind this is how they get it. The majority of new riders want a cruiser of some sort, a cruiser with loud pipes. This is what they have seen at the stoplights and this is what society sees as a biker. They talk to a friend, hopefully take and MSF course and because the TV shows all talk about $70K custom HDs they head to their HKSY dealer for a bike that looks just like an HD, none of their friends can tell the difference and neither can their wife. They ask for the loudest mufflers the dealer can install because it is more "HD like" then. Then they head to the local bike night and are completely ostracized by the mass. Certainly they have bought a fine machine, some would argue better than the original, but those bike night are doing the same to him as you are doing to them. Because they define motorcycling a little different, (or simply don't know any better) they are shunned. They must sit at the lunch table of misfits rather than the cool kid table. How many folks walk away from a group because they feel like they don't belong? If a person is interested in our sport who do you think he is more likely to be exposed to? Do you think the HD guys are discussing BMW riders on their forums about being such nice and polite guys that always do everything correctly? Probably not because a) you don't matter to them. b) they mind their own business c) you are a self righteous nerds who ride weird, ugly bikes and dress for outer space. Lol

    There are many, many people on here that have truly paid their dues and owe no quarter to the aforementioned dickswabs and crotchrocket pilots, but the funny thing is they seem like the ones to least likely complain.

    FWIW my HD is 100% stock in all regards, a couple of my BMWs have aftermarket exhausts, and my Ducati has a system on it that will wake the dead.

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    Quote Originally Posted by grabcon View Post
    I love how those with loud pipes also have 1000 watt stereos to get above the loudness of the pipes and cause some seismic activities. I guess those that ride these beasts have never HEARD of bluetooth headsets. As far as signals are concerned they don't exist on cages either.

    And a host of other things we could P&M about but life's too short to worry about this stuff. We are what we are.

    But if they use the bluetooth headset....they won't be noticed.....which is their ultimate goal..........jmo.
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    Well said scqtt

    As I posted in #3, have been the frowned upon one. From brand to gear choices and youthful superman mentality.
    I put H's Two Brothers can on my K12S for a trip to Big Bend one year and came home and put my stocker back on. I started it next to PGlaves in downtown Alpine during ArtWalk one night and got a deserved stinkeye It just made more noise, 167 HP and any gain, which other than weight, is minimal if any.

    I led a club ride on my Staintune systemed 1100S and folks called me a Ducati Boy afterwards...I ride it in the back of group now
    I can hear three of my buds on their stock Camhead GS's coming off the highway towards my house and open the gate before they have to honk. Not straight pipe loud, but it is a noticeable drone coming. They always ask how did I know they were here
    My German neighbor on his RR1000 can be heard downshifting on the highway a mile+ away. He doesn't serve as an ambassador for safe riding in the neighborhood and is older than me.

    One group that always get a pass in every discussion are the retired Vietnam Veterans on Wings...I do as they served,made it home,and are enjoying their leisure time. That said, riding near Kerrville,TX on any warmer weather day has many in shorts, tennis shoes, their service branch cap, a vest adorned with patches and pins,and a cigar. I engage conversations at overlooks or fuel stops and they always ask if I am always ends well. I will not change their minds on gear, so don't ever go there. I do warn them that I will be passing them at some point, so don't get mad...they laugh.
    Are they any different from the other groups? No, just doing what they want to do and enjoying the ride.
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