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Thread: Help - Hand Tremors - Making Clutch Action Difficult in 1st Gear

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    Yes, there seems to be a small difference between just enough magnesium and "too much water drawn into the colon" - user beware.

    Damn - such a small thing like magnesium supplements can make a huge difference in quality of life.

    We went out and rode 200+ miles yesterday up to the north side of Mt. Hood from Portland - no issues with my hands!
    Retired with a Wife that Rides, Life is Good!

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    Quote Originally Posted by river-runner View Post
    OP Followup -

    So about a week ago I started taking magnesium after several web sites on tremors had discussed this supplement as a treatment for hand tremors. Just plain old magnesium tablets!

    So the day after I started, 95% of my problem was not evident. I went out and rode my GSA and it is just like old times - controlled, well modulated clutch.

    This is amazing as my GP Dr. had hand tremors and you'd think he would have been studied up on it to recommend some alternatives - he always told me they were there for the duration.

    I can type again! Hope this holds!

    Glad to hear you are doing better.
    I think I would be looking for a new GP.

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