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Thread: Help - Hand Tremors - Making Clutch Action Difficult in 1st Gear

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    Help - Hand Tremors - Making Clutch Action Difficult in 1st Gear

    Hi Folks -

    I have tremors in my hands. So far, the only real problem has been with typing - thank god for spellcheck!

    The level of tremors has increased to where I'm having trouble regulating a smooth shift from a stop in first on my MY 17 GSA. I also ride a KTM 690, just got back from two weeks of offroad in Moab, UT - but - the KTM has a ReKluse clutch which means you don't have to use the clutch to start in first. I have throttle issues as well, but can stop this issue with a thumb stabilizing my hand.

    Anyone else have tremors and found ways that help. Doctor says I'll be the shaky old man we all have in the family. Anyone use a wrist brace or magic juice to help you fight this thing?

    If you know a rider with tremors, please pass my username on to them. Gotta find a solution, or my BMW days may be limited.

    ReKluse is starting development on a BMW compatible clutch. I've volunteered along with my GSA to become a test rat for their development - wish me luck. A ReKluse clutch works kind of like the centrifugal clutch on a minibike, but is pretty darn handy in slow, technical riding.
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    Thanks - Arlo Guthrie said it best, "I don't want a pickle, I just wanna ride my motorcicle!"
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    Some of the newer bikes have shift assist...that might help.

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    Joe -

    I only have problems with 1st gear. My 17 has shift assist i the upper gears, but you still have to get into 1st manually - to my understanding. I'll call the dealer on Monday - Thanks.
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    Honda offers DCT transmissions on the Africa Twin and a couple of other bikes. The can go either full automatic or just clutchess.

    I know a guy who has very bad essential hand tremors and was just prescribed Propanalol. It seems to help with the tremors but I don't know if it is compatible with riding motorcycles.
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    I have hand tremors and weakness from years on the tools.

    My doctor prescribed Propanalol as well but I can't taking it if I want to hold a Professional Driver's License so he switched me to Metaprolol.

    I still have tremors, not as bad but with the weakness, he prescribed braces for my wrists.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Anyname View Post
    Honda offers DCT transmissions on the Africa Twin and a couple of other bikes.
    I had the same thought. If the tremors don't go away and taking medication isn't an option because of drug interaction and/or side effects, then perhaps going the direction of a DCT may be something to seriously consider, so long as it's safe for you to ride.
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