Hi Folks -

I have tremors in my hands. So far, the only real problem has been with typing - thank god for spellcheck!

The level of tremors has increased to where I'm having trouble regulating a smooth shift from a stop in first on my MY 17 GSA. I also ride a KTM 690, just got back from two weeks of offroad in Moab, UT - but - the KTM has a ReKluse clutch which means you don't have to use the clutch to start in first. I have throttle issues as well, but can stop this issue with a thumb stabilizing my hand.

Anyone else have tremors and found ways that help. Doctor says I'll be the shaky old man we all have in the family. Anyone use a wrist brace or magic juice to help you fight this thing?

If you know a rider with tremors, please pass my username on to them. Gotta find a solution, or my BMW days may be limited.

ReKluse is starting development on a BMW compatible clutch. I've volunteered along with my GSA to become a test rat for their development - wish me luck. A ReKluse clutch works kind of like the centrifugal clutch on a minibike, but is pretty darn handy in slow, technical riding.