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Thread: New guy, new-to-me bike

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    New guy, new-to-me bike

    I just acquired my first BMW, so here I am. Not new to bikes..... My current daily rider is a 1981 Goldwing Standard (naked) to which I've added a set of 1981 Honda saddlebags, and a quick-release windshield that's on it for road trips and colder weather.
    The "NEW" bike is a 1996 R1100R with 8,100 miles on it. I'm the third owner, and it came with an OEM windshield and BMW saddlebags, both of which are currently not on the bike but I'm sure will see some use. I've only ridden it a few miles so far (still need to transfer title and get a plate on it), but I'm excited to roll on some miles on this thing. Similar torque and horsepower to my Goldwing with 100+ fewer pounds to haul around -- fun fun!!
    I tried to attach a photo, but evidently I need to edit it a little because it was huuuuuuuge. So for now no pic. It's red.......

    1981 Goldwing Standard
    1996 R1100R
    2007 Piaggio X9 Evo 500 (wife's)
    1980 Vespa P200 (also wife's)

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    Willkommen 2 the Forum!

    Since you've come over from the Dark Side, I wish U safe travels with that Well Used Naked-R-bike! Keep the rubber side down (Dude!), and get some additional training. It (training) is very enlightening for your longevity - - you'd be surprised at what you can absorb from a competent Trainer team!

    Be safe; Don't do anything I wound't do, and ENJOY Your New Beemer!

    C U in Lebanon??? Ciao!

    HSV-Phil & HSV-Karen

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    Welcome. I'm a BMW newcomer myself, having bought my first BMW (a 2003 R1150RT) last fall. Looking at that big boxer engine I didn't figure it would want to rev as high as the air-cooled inline four Suzukis and Hondas I used to ride. I could not have been more wrong. This engine doesn't like it below 3500 RPM at all. Keep your R1100R up in her happy zone and she'll keep you in yours

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    Welcome Steve. Glad to have you in the forum family. As far as pictures go, I personally would much rather see a photo of the 1981 Goldwing than the far-more-common (on this forum at least) BMW R you just bought. Just saying.
    On the coast of Kansas
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    1982 Aspencade

    Haha, bet you didn't expect all these wacky welcomes.. I had a 1982 Goldwing Aspencade.. with a Vetter Terraplane sidecar no less. It was the best. Goldwings are awesome.

    Welcome to the forum and enjoy that R-bike.
    2014 F800GT Valencia Orange (Sold)
    2017 R1200RT Carbon Black (Sold)
    2013 R1200GS

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