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Thread: Power at utility connector does not shut off

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    Power at accessory socket does not shut off

    I have a USB charger connected to the accessory socket next to the ignition key. When I turn off the ignition the power at this connector cuts off after 60 seconds.

    Yet, when I connect two LED lights with 0.8A each the power never cuts off. With just one light connected it does shut off.

    I can only guess that there is something 'magic' going on to support the BMW battery charger at this port.

    Any other guess?

    2017 F700GS

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    If you are talking about the BMW factory canbus (called a DIN or Powerlet,) connection socket, then yes. The BMW canbus battery maintainer does some magic to wake up the electronics to receive power.

    This is a “keep the battery charged device.” Not a charge from dead device.

    Not turning off with certain loads connected may be problem, or some electronic logic we don’t know about. How long have you waited with the higher load connected?

    Would need a dealer to diagnose if this is normal or there is a problem. The canbus is complex and not something you can service or adjust.

    Hope that helps.

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    This port is controlled by the ZFE-computer which controls all the switches, lights and external ports. The Canbus is the connection between the computers on your BMW. The ZFE measures and shuts off the outputs electronically.

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    If I understand this correctly, your connection “emulates” what the controller is looking for when a maintainer would be connected. I think if you removed your device, wait a few minutes and plug it back in, the power will remain off.
    I’m a fan of a direct connection to the battery for chargers and accessories for the simplicity of connections.
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