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Thread: Hose connections to charcoal canister

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    Hose connections to charcoal canister

    Last fall I had my 2012 GSA serviced by a dealer. It came back stumbling badly at idle...but before the dealer could make it right the snow started falling. And falling. And falling. During my recent sidecar rebuild project I carefully noted where each hose went (even took photos) so I'd know where they went when it came time to reassemble the bike. It's all back together now, but still shaking as badly as a Harley at idle. Full throttle is fine.

    What I've noticed is that if I pull the vacuum line off the left cylinder and hold my finger over the male end (that the hose slips over), the bike runs fine. That leads me to suspect that I have a leak in one of those lines...or the dealer got the connections wrong during reassembly after the last service. Can anybody point me to a reference that lists where each of those quarter inch rubber hoses goes so I can verify that it was in fact done correctly?

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    May be some differences, but here's a basic sketch of the Oilheads' setup (sorry I forget the source):

    Any reason to not just delete it? Wet charcoal granules and vacuum leaks are two good reasons to dump it...

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    The microfiche actually seems to illustrate it pretty well:
    - Tank cap to top middle of canister.
    - Top edge of canister to solenoid and then to left throttle body
    - bottom of canister to atmosphere
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    Quite a few threads at the bottom of the page on this. The Tag Cloud has some good info as well.
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