I just bought a 2019 F750GS and I love the bike. It’s my first BMW motorcycle. Everything has been great, and the Connected app navigation works pretty damn well.

​My issue is that I can't seem to input a destination unless I have that particular state's map downloaded. For example I was trying to use the app in PA, and I had to download the ~300mb PA map, otherwise I couldn't search (e.g. “Philadelphia”) or put in an exact address (e.g. 123 boulevard Philadelphia, PA). Once I downloaded the map, it worked fine.

​My understanding from the limited literature and videos is that the Connected app navigation was meant to work via data/online with the option to download maps if there might be a chance of losing signal. I emailed BMW support and while they didn’t answer my question at all they did say “we recommend you download the maps in case you lose your connection and to prevent data and roaming charges”.

​I don't have 10gbs (roughly the size of all the US) and would prefer to be able to access any map on the fly without having to micromanage them before going on a trip.

​Anyone have any experience with this, and is there something I'm missing? I’ve looked all through the app and can’t figure it out.