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Thread: Kudos to Batteries + Bulbs (NRH Texas store)

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    Kudos to Batteries + Bulbs (NRH Texas store)

    I'm running an Odyssey PC680 battery in my BMW and 8 months into it's 2-year warranty, this one died overnight.. (never had an Odyssey fail like this)

    Without my receipt I took it back to the North Richland Hills, Texas store. They looked me up in the system, ran a test on the battery, would only hold 11 volts resting and failed a load test. "Sorry you got a bad battery sir.... here's a new one." Nothing to sign. No ID. Nothing to prove who I was. "Have a nice day and thank you for shopping our NRH Batteries + Bulbs." Less than 10 minutes and I was out the door.

    The elderly gentleman behind me brought in a couple of 4-year old (out of warranty) electronic driveway gate batteries and a 6 month old receipt. The batteries were plainly marked/dated 4 years ago. Man claimed he bought them 6 months ago and the store must have sold him his old batteries back and wanted them warrantied. Despite the numbers not matching on the old batteries or the receipt, the NRH store warrantied both the old batteries and gave the old man 2 new batteries.

    I think they deserve some kind of Kudos for making us happy and impressing everyone in line behind us and generating life-long customers.

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    Good to hear of customer service as it should be.

    Have had good dealings with Batteries + repeatedly. Not always the lowest prices but still a customer.
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    Batteries + has always been great with service and replacing items that weren't up to their full potential. I was just there last week [ local to me ] and had them look up a NAV 4 battery replacement, they have them though a different brand. Same numbers on theirs and the original garmen batt.

    I had an old 3G that I couldn't keep a battery in for more than 5-6 months. They kept handing me a new one every time I went in to replace the one that wouldn't hold a charge as it should.
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    Just there a week ago to get a new battery for the /5. Happy with the product and the service.
    Dave K.
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