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Thread: Difficulty removing brake cable from brake lever (R75/5)

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    Difficulty removing brake cable from brake lever (R75/5)

    Hello fellow MOA'ers, I am currently changing the handlebar over to a low bar. Currently, I am at the step removing the front brake lever. I am having difficulty releasing the cable from the brake lever. I have taken out the pivoting screw, and the tension screw is already turned all the way in. It seems there is still not enough slack for me to work with the cable. My next plan is to be disengaging or loosening the cable tension from the brake drum so that I can gain more slack with the cable - would you agree that is the right step? Thanks. Henry.

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    You're on the right track. When you reassemble, take up the slack first at the drum, leaving room to fine tune your adjustment at the handlebar lever. Good luck,
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    Brook has a full /5 brake rebuild including cables and controls:

    Might be some good reading here.
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