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Thread: Need some Routing help

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    Need some Routing help

    Guys and Gals,

    Looking for some first hand info on State Route 3 from Watertown NY, heading east to Essex Junction.

    Anyone have the scoop on this road?

    (Alcoa TN)

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    Perfect Ride Through Adirondacks

    Have a friend who lives in Saranac Lake. Just called him and he says Route Three is most scenic route through the heart of the Adirondacks. It has everything, twisties, switchbacks, sweeps, mosquitos, bear, maybe even a Moose. And starting in Watertown drop by Drum and say hello to old friends.

    If you have any specific questions let me know. After Saranac you can held toward Plattsburgh and catch the ferry.

    Good choice of rides. Now the only question is how to get to Watertown.

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    Good timing on this one - I have rented a boathouse in Saranac Lake the week after the rally, and it looks to be a great route to get there!

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    I took the route July 25, 04 the other direction Burlington to Watertown. I was on the return leg of a trip to the Maritime Provinces in Canada. I do not have any details in my trip notes beyond mileage notes for the day and a big smiley drawn on the page, so this is from memory.

    I left Burlington late in the AM and took the ferry across the lake. The cost then was $5.25 one way. It loaded on level of vehicles with an upper deck for observation. I stayed with the bike. They have no tie down capability for the bike. The ride across the lake was not rough even though the lake was choppy.

    On the NY side I headed north to Plattsburgh and stopped for lunch and to put on my rain gear. Rain of varying intensity, from down pour to angle rays breaking between the clouds, was the order of the day. The road to Plattsburgh was busy with tourists and bicycles traveling in large packs with support vans. From Plattsburgh to Watertown I had Hwy 3 to myself.

    From Plattsburgh to Saranac Lake the road is a typical narrow 2 lane road. There were the occasional entrances from drives and gravel roads. I do not remember being surprised by anyone. The road was in good condition. From Saranac Lake to Watertown the road remains two lanes but is a bit bigger as I remember. It is full of big sweeping turns, up and down and great views. It would be easy to charge very hard and have a ball riding. I took it at a reasonable rate because of weather and an encounter with a moose in Vermont. Cars should not present a great hazard. Critters are more of a concern. The rain of the day kept the big beasties bedded down but there were many small creatures that made excursions across the road.

    Not much else to tell you. I remember the ride with a big smile and by thinking that it was one of those areas that I wanted to come back to for an extended visit. I am certain you will enjoy it.

    If you have more specific questions they may trigger some memory, but for now that is it.

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    Beautiful country. We usually turn off 3 at Saranac Lake and go through Lake Placid.
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    Rt 3 is a great road. I do lots of canoeing in the Adk, and always take the ferry across, then pick up Rt 3. I would suggest that when you are approaching Platssburgh, take Rt 374. Its a quick expressway that bypasses all the malls along Rt3 in Platssburgh. It will take you directly to I87, then go north 1 exit for the road to Cumberland Head/ferry to Vt.

    Saranac Lake is a great little town, lots of good eats. There is a great deli across from the park on the lake (Lake Side Deli?). Also a good Italian place as you come in on Rt 3 (First light, on right corner) at the dam. Makes a nice place to eat, take a walk along the rapids below the dam, they have a whitewater kayak course there and sometimes they are out practicing. The walk to the park and enjoy the views.


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    great road

    You'll love rte 3! I've taken it several times in my car on the way to Whiteface mountain for skiing. It's a great road in a car and I plan on going that way myself. I've done alot of riding around the Adirondacks but this will be my first time for rte 3 on a bike. See you there!

    Rochester, NY
    '04 1151RS

    ps. I'm a registed user but can't seem to log on today. Anyone else having problems?

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    Thanks for all the replies

    Guys and Gals,

    Thanks for all the replies... I am pretty sure i am going to add that to my route.


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    Thumbs up beamerbaker#112204

    Great to hear all the positive on hwy 3 through to Lk Champlain. That will be our last leg before the Rally. Now how about any comments on hwy 2 from Seattle-Sault Ste-Marie-17/North Bay to Ottawa?

    Thanks ahead

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    Thumbs up

    Good choice as that was the route we were thinking of taking. My 18 yr old son and his F650 will be riding with me and he has done a few 500+ miles w/me so it looks like a great ride. I'm having problems logging on and contacted the web meister but no response as of yet.
    Thanks for the route help

    Mark Baker
    Whidbey island, WA

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    on and running

    Any body out there riding from the Great North West to the '06 rally? We will probably leave on the 13 or 14th to give plenty of time for those "got to find" off the slab roads. Hwy 2 across the North is looking like a good possibility. Any one know of bad roads or speed traps along the way?


    Whidbey Wa

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