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Thread: crash bar fitment

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    crash bar fitment

    Does anyone know if a set of OEM crash bars from a 2014 GTL Exclusive (Part numbers: 11848544347 / 11848544348) will bolt onto a standard GTL? The A&S fiche seems to say they are "exclusive" to Exclusive only :-)


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    The pre-2017 engine guards will not fit on the 2018 (US) bikes. I didn't look up the part numbers you have listed there, but I tried a set of pre-2017 bars and they interfere with the new design fairing at the bottom. I bought a set of Altrider bars, which are not supposed to fit the 2017+ bikes (whole world), but in speaking with an owner on another forum and with Altrider customer service, they will fit (but may touch the fairing plastic). Hopefully I'll get them installed here soon on my 2018 GTL.
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