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Thread: Wannabe Questions

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    Quote Originally Posted by 1jeep View Post
    i would certainly hope by now, 7 years later that BMW has resolved the water pump issues, I was only stating what i had found as issues on past years.
    It was solved within 6 months.

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    Quote Originally Posted by 61996 View Post
    It was solved within 6 months.

    It took longer with the Wetheads.
    When we bought our 2016s the Wethead engine had been out for 3 years and there were still water pumps that had the weeping problem.
    Some would seep a little then seal on there own.
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    Thoughts from a former GTL Exlcusive owner

    Quote Originally Posted by bigbillfl View Post
    My concern with the GT is that the riding position will not be as comfortable as the GTL. I have a FJR1300ES. That riding position isn't the best for longer rides for me. I am a pretty good sized guy at 5'10" and 270 lbs and I need my space and some leg room. Ha ha.

    I've also read that the GT and GTL are not that stable at highway speeds. I have a hard time believing that either of these bikes are any less stable than my HD Limited or my FJR. Anybody have any thoughts on this?

    And what about the left pull issue? It seems odd that any touring bike, or sport tourer, would have a handling issue.

    I may be a victim of paralysis from too much analysis. The internet can cause information overload.

    I am trying to get to a one bike garage. And I want that one bike to be able to haul be around town and haul me down the interstate with some level of comfort.

    Thank you.
    First let me address for "former" owner part - I purchased a 2014 GTL Exclusive new in 2014 b/c my wife could never get comfortable on my 2005 GS. I purchased the exclusive which came with armrests and all the bells & whistles at the time. We rode together for 30,000 miles on that bike and loved it. Then one day while on a ride she said through our helmet comms "I want to ride my own bike, I want a Spyder". Pretty sure that was the last time we rode together on that bike. I traded the bike a year later for a R1200GSA which fits my riding style a little better. I really miss that motor, performance and technology. If I could have a second bike in the garage it would be the GTL.

    The riding positions are slightly different between the GT and GTL - test ride each as others have said

    Stability at cruising speed - not sure where you heard that, my son and I were coming up from Big Bend, TX to Oklahoma over spring break and the bottom fell out of the temperature. I set the cruise control (greatest invention put on a motorcycle since tires and a motor) on a speed lets just say well exceeding the posted speed limit. That GTL never blinked, just laid its ears back and cruised for 5+ hours. I NEVER experienced any stability issues.

    They do eat rear tires - could have something to do with 165hp at the rear wheel and the go-stick attached to the rider's right hand.

    Every BMW I've ever owned I replace the stock seat, RDL builds a great saddle. I currently have a Bitch'n Stitch'n saddle, they're a custom saddle shop out of Denver. It's a full day of strip, build, sit, ride, repeat until it's right for you.

    I never had an issue with left pull

    Buffeting - pretty good out of the box. I switched the stock windscreen for a Z-Technic medium screen (I'm 5'11") and I added both the upper and lower mini-wings from Aeroflow. With those modifications it became the calmest ride I've ever had at any speed.
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