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Thread: Adapter for Garmin unit (Non-Nav)

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    Adapter for Garmin unit (Non-Nav)

    I have a Garmin 396 I'd like to use on my F750GS instead of a Nav VI unit. I found this adapter from a vendor in Germany:

    Has anyone else found something similar that might be a bit less that is not bumping up against $100?



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    Any BMW dealer can provide part #83300413585, which will connect to your bike's wiring harness to provide switched, fused power. Add a couple wire connectors, or solder and heat shrink insulation, and you can connect your GPS for less than $25.00. The linked "adapter" connects to the wiring harness in the same way for a much higher cost and only adds a couple electrical connectors.

    Small numbers are molded into the plug to identify the wires, Pin 1 is ground (black wire to GPS), Pin 3 is +12V (red wire to GPS), Pin 2 is unused.

    I'm not sure where the GPS connector is located on the F750GS, on my RT it was next to the fork stem. Someone in the F-Twins forum might be able to tell you where to look.
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    what larry said.....i use the bmw connector to power my Zumo395 on my K1300S. comes on an off with the key, no issues.

    interesting that that navi-interface company is basically selling the BMW plug for 4x the price....capitalism!
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    Sweet! Thank you both. My bike came with prepped for the Navi with mount and wiring but already having the 396 on hand it is worth trying to see if I can make that work. Of course I wont have the interface with the whizzy wheel but that seems a small compromise.


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