1) Get offa my lawn!
2) Doesn’t want to dress like a human highlighter
3) Dislikes being judged by the cost of their farkles
4) Likes to stay up past 9pm at rallies
5) Wants to avoid constant lectures on safety, education and training
6) Rides a 650cc bike that doesn’t weigh 500+ pounds
7) Prefers looking straight ahead instead of straight up during conversations
8) Would just as soon not camp in a mixture of mud and pee
9) Gets turned of by having the “military superiority” card repeatedly played on them
10) Would rather talk 10-year-old bike tech than interfacing with Bluetooth LCD panels
11) Thinks that Depends are not required safety garb
12) Can’t spend their entire vacation on one big event
13) Rides an S1000RR
14) Rides a customized vintage airhead
15) Might be interested in getting involved, but doesn’t know “someone”
16) Doesn’t want to hang out exclusively with old people.

Could not resist. This is just too true!