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My father was an old-school mechanical and agricultural engineer who did research in the effectiveness of farm crop harvesting machinery. He never could quite relate to my gearhead tendencies and love affair with fuel injection, mechanical at first (VW) and the electronic analog, and then digital. Just like I at age 7 decades plus a few years can't get excited about today's artificial intelligence, robotics, and other tech stuff.

I had a 49cc moped when I was 14 and occasionally rode with (behind) my much older neighbor on his Harley 74. He would head to the bar and I would go to the swimming pool. But he put up with my youthful foolishness because he was a caring human being. Which is what we need to be as we observe a generation we fail to understand, but which is much "smarter" than us in many technical fields. They are neither inferior nor misguided (except maybe in the debt our stinginess forced them into taking on).

Fifty years from now it will be interesting which generation is viewed as the good one and which will be viewed as not so good. As always, you may not agree. Time will tell.
Nicely said Paul