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Thread: forged wheel weight

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    forged wheel weight

    I realize forged wheels are stronger than the cast wheels. But I can't find the weight difference between the stock and forged wheels on the K1600 b. Yeah they look real nice but I couldn't dish out the extra $$$ just for looks and I have never broken a wheel so I'm not real worried about the extra strength. I have looked but haven't been able to find the exact weight difference. Anyone out there know the answer. Thanks

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    The forged wheels on the S1000RR weigh less than the cast wheels.
    This was also true on the K1300S.
    I don't know if it's also true on the K1600.
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    Looking at Max's parts fiche, the cast rear is 12.14 and the forged minimal, especially on the heavy 16

    The cast wheels show up under the Wheels section...the forged are under Equipment or Accessories
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    Unsprung weight

    Anything you can do to reduce unsprung weight is supposed to improve handling. That is the motive behind mag instead of steel wheels. You might be able to get that ~1/2 lb you want to get rid of by relocating the reflectors on the forks or reducing the weight of the fender attached to the wheel. Unsprung weight is why I am not a fan of those road lights that attach to your front axle or thereabouts, which increases it. Mounting them elsewhere like on the cowling is a better idea if you want to minimize unsprung weight.

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    A couple weeks ago had the opportunity to pick up an S1000RR carbon fiber wheel with tire. Hard to tell the wheel added any weight to the combination.
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    thanks for those wheel weights

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    While unsprung weight is certainly part of the equation, don't overlook that it would also mean less rotational mass - less centripetal (or centrifugal?) force. Gyroscopes are more stable when their outer ring is heavy; racers like light wheels because it makes leaning and turning easier.

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    For the typical (I won't say "average") rider unsprung weight is something to read about but then not worry about ever again. Sure, lots of pounds (kilograms) might matter but within the realm of aluminum vs steel vs titanium vs unobtanium vs carbon fiber (fibre) wheels it matters very little to a street rider.

    As an old gearhead and motor techy I am interested in this stuff but it would never dictate what wheels I would use. Tube vs tubeless is far more important to me.
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    The forged aluminum wheels on my 2015 K1300S are over 2lbs lighter per wheel! That is a HUGE difference and affects how the bike accelerates, stops and turns. Suspension compliance is also increased.
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