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Thread: Joining the wet heads! Got a 2016 R1200RT

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    Quote Originally Posted by natrab View Post
    I've never been a fan of low seats as they tend to decrease your knee and hip angle to the pegs. The RT is already a relatively compact leg setup and my legs get more fatigued riding it than my GS for example. I only have a 29" inseam, but tend to always use stock height seats in the high position on most beemers as it keeps my legs more comfortable while riding. Yes, on my GS, this means I am on my toes and if I'm stopped for any length of time I need to slide my but off to one side to get the ball of my foot more solidly planted. If I had a bike any taller than my GS, I think lowering it slightly would be my only option.
    Yea, I think I video taped you at a stop sign. Is this you?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wethead View Post
    Yea, I think I video taped you at a stop sign. Is this you?

    Feels that way some time. I like to think I'm more like this guy:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Wethead View Post
    I see you erased your original post here expounding on your experience of low seat. I thought it was interesting.

    Its the perpetual dilemma of aftermarket seat: low seats are shallow and uncomfortably hard. Higher seats got more material and are more comfortable.

    The Russell Day Long is without doubt one of the most comfy butt-huggers of all, but you are looking at one-half to two inches higher sitting position, which for the vertical-challenged can be unbearable at stops. I had folks argue with me about that speculative height increase, but that is what Jan from Russell seat has told me and the reason why I use Sargent instead.

    It doesn't matter who makes a low seat for you, count on it being hard as a rock and a butt-numbing gadget...but you will reach the ground better.
    Mmmm...I don't believe that was me. I don't use or need a low seat and I don't recall posting anything about a low seat.
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    My bad then...
    "...whether is clear to you or not, the universe is unfolding as it should"

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