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Thread: 2019 beer selections

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    2019 beer selections

    Hello all! MAD DOG here.
    Putting the finishing touches on selections for the BG.
    This year we will have FIVE taps on each of our 2 tap trucks. This will allow us to have not only the historic Bud/Bud Light on 4 taps, but allow us to have YEUNGLING LAGER on the 5th!!
    For the craft taps we will be able to expand to 5 {obviously} selections, some of which will be Nashville brewed. Looking at: Lager, IPA, Wheat, Amber and Porter as it stands now. So there should be something for everyone!

    Ride safely everyone. The beer must flow!

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    Go Porter
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    MMMmmmmmmmm IPA!!!!!!!!!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by roc-roc View Post
    mmmmmmmmmmm ipa!!!!!!!!!!!
    yay ipa!!!
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    I'll be sure to sample the IPA before Roc drinks it all. Wheat is nice in miserably hot weather. I can't fathom riding a thousand miles for Bud, though...
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