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Thread: '19 Lebanon Rally Routes (local)

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    '19 Lebanon Rally Routes (local)

    (One more, Three falls ride on post #4)
    I would think there would be an interest, so I put mouse to Base camp. (.gpx) Being local to the area I'd thought (I know, it'll haunt me later) I'd give some of the visitors to our neck of the woods some options/suggestions to ride and explore. All routes start and end at the fairgrounds in Lebanon. Each route is based on a departure of 9am. I made 4 routes and put them to my google drive;

    Natchez Trace Route: <-- Click for link to .gpx file
    This route starts out by hoping on I-40 to get to East Nashville. Leave any sooner and you'll hit traffic. (not to say you won’t at any hour). You'll jump off and hit the two lanes and then pick up the northern most part of Natchez Trace. (the part that actually has curves). Riding it down to Leipers Fork, TN (WARNING: STATE PARK RANGER with NOTHING BETTER TO DO). Once off the trace, you'll meander the back roads and ultimately wind up at Puckett's Restaurant in the town Square of Columbia, TN. for lunch. (it’s in the southeast corner of the building. The sign is hidden by trees. From this point, it’s all two lane back roads back to the rally. 209 Miles 4:15 total time

    To - Jack Daniel's Distillery Ride: <-- Click for link to .gpx file
    This one is simple, takes you out to JD's via two lanes you most likely wouldn't discover. Nothing to brag about, but better than the Interstate. 88 Miles 2:01 Total time.
    NOTE: There are several tours. all leave from the main building. it would BEHOOVE YOU to go on-line and purchase tickets before you show up. No cost difference, only you can pick what time you want to start any of the tours. They may be slow, they may have a tour bus full of hardley riders or worse, those GS'ers! Plan ahead! Jack Daniels Site HERE

    Once you get into town, don't try to park at the distillery, its gravel. They have a new multi-million-dollar parking lot (on the right, across the street AND ITS FREE! There is a foot bridge leading from the distillery into the town of Lynchburg, tourist crap, food and the "company store". Make sure to stop at the Harley Store (no bikes) to express your admiration for the brand! Depending on the time spent, I did make a route to return to the rally, but you may wish to Slab it back up to Lebanon (you saved your location at the rally in your GPS, right? or...

    From - FROM Jack Daniel's Distillery <-- Click for link to .gpx file
    More of the same, two lane roads that take you through Shelbyville, Wartrace, Bell Buckle up and over I-24 through MurFREESboro and back into the rally. 90 Miles 1:46 Total Time

    Finally, is my favorite of these routes, I play up there often as there are no cops, little traffic and fun little out of the way twisty’s!...

    Red Route One: (hint: Red October Movie) <-- Click for link to .gpx file
    Mosey on out of town, NORTH. towards Lafayette, a few good roads, open her up and it will be better. Once in town, you'll be turning right on Red Boiling Hot Springs road. Once you start seeing the yellow directional highway signs (5+ miles down the road), hold on to your britches! once through the mini dragon (really mini) you’re in for some nice sweepers and a road that hugs the countryside. Warning, a few of those blind (what the **** is on the other side of this rock) corners are fairly sharp... Once past beautiful Hull lake, that dumps into the Cumberland River, it’s nothing but well maintained remote two-lane bliss. Eventually, you'll stop for lunch in Cookeville, TN at Crawdaddy's West Side Grill right off the town square. Those that are two up or don’t like to eat are ride a crap load more tight twisty roads or just plain tired from muscling the beast all day, I-40 is just south of the lunch spot, easy return to Lebanon.

    For you other miscreants, I have laid out Hwy 290 for you. Be warned, I've ridden with a few crotch rocket types and a few have gone down. No injuries but be mindful of your speed and ride your ride. I don't have a trailer, and the last time a farmer with a tractor pulled the bike up to the road! Once off 290, the road to Granville, TN, is nice, scenic and picturesque even... The road meanders back to Lebanon to end the day on a good note. 202 Miles 4:28 Total ride time

    NOTE: I'll be taking my brother from another mother (Hallzee) on RR1, for those that are inclined, we’ll be leaving at 9:30 AM from the Raceway (pure) gas station on Friday.

    Hopefully the links work... if not, I'm certain someone will say something. Enjoy the rally, enjoy Tennessee as a 6 years ago, transplant from NorCal, I sure do.
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