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Thread: 2008 K1200S Low Beam Failure

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    2008 K1200S Low Beam Failure

    Just bought an '08 K1200S after several years of looking and I had a burned out low beam head lamp bulb. Easy enough to remove and replace the obviously toasted H7 bulb; however, the new bulb also did not work and I still got the LAMPF! warning when I powered on the bike. I swapped the bulb with the highbeam and it worked great in the highbeam position, but not in the lowbeam. Looking for any ideas, I thought it might be a fuse, but this bike has all circuits electronically protected, and it should reset after each power cycle.

    Right now without the high beams on the only light is the 5W side beam light. Thanks for any ideas or direction you guys can provide.


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    Welcome to the forum.
    Did you start the bike after replacing the bulb?
    I don't remember if if the bike needs to be running before both low beams come on.
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    07RT has to be running for low beams to come on so confirm that like Lee suggested.

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    Welcome to the forum sox, assuming a Red Sox fan? That's OK

    Hope you got the low beam sorted out...if it was the ignition not being on, hey, many of us have had that moment. Post a pic of the S sometime...we like S's!
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