This may be lengthy so you may wanna grab an appropriate beverage, kick back and enjoy the ride. At the end of last year I could not start my K1300GT and I noticed that my fuel pump did not make the normal whine prior to starting. After consultation with my local BMW shop, I replaced my fuel pump - what an illuminating experience this was. I wanted to test the electrics before filling the tank with fuel so I moved the Kill switch to run after turning the ignition on and did not hear any sound from the bowels of the empty fuel tank, this was a sad moment. I repeated the test several times with the same result. I moved on to the fuel level sender - made up a nifty fuel level sender float arm picker upper and noted that the fuel level display did not indicate any change in the fuel level as I raised the sender float, although I did see the flashing fuel pump icon when the sender float was fully extended to the empty tank level. I need some technical help and guidance to help me resolve these problems.

I now know 100% more about the K1300GT than before I began this adventure, but my knowledge is woefully inadequate in way of solving these problems. I know that this BMW uses CAN bus for electrical power and controls, so there is no fuse panel to check for a faulty fuse. I have the latest updates to the BMW Motorrad K Models K4x repair manuals, but the manual is silent in way of electrical diagrams, schematics, sequence of operations and troubleshooting diagnostics. Where can I find the BMW electrical documentation for this bike? What is my next move here to get these problems solved?