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Thread: 1994 K75 Spline Lube

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    1994 K75 Spline Lube

    Back in August 19, 2009 the splines were lubed at 15,131 miles. Now at 34,8xx miles I figure it's time to do it again. I've watched a Chris Harris video.
    I asked a local independent shop for a bid. He says he does the final drive spline and also the transmission spline. Is it necessary to grease both of them?
    Is this tub of Bel Ray waterproof grease a good choice of grease?
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    Spline lube

    There are several grease choices out there so you'll be getting plenty of choices. When I went to BMW Service School the product that BMW was selling was referred to as BMW Red and was supposed to be a Texaco product. Our instructor recommended Wurth SIG3000 which is this sticky, peanut butter consistency stuff. The desired properties are good adhesion and heat resistance. It wont fling off. I've been using it for almost 20 years with great results.
    Some recommend that you clean and re-lube the driveshaft splines whenever you change the rear tire. YMMV I've seen the clutch splines done anywhere from 10 to 20k.

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    Iíve decided to let a pro do the splines, Kim at EUBMW in Alexandria, VA.
    Iíll ride the K75 to the shop on the 16th of this month. He will do the final drive and the transmission drive. The saddle cases will be off. It only has a Rifle fairing.

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    Did you get a quote to grease the splines?

    I'm curious of the cost to do this.

    I do my driveshaft spines but don't feel up to taking the trans out, that's over my paygrade.

    Thanks in advance

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    There are three sets of splines.

    1/ DS at final drive
    2/ DS at transmission
    3/ transmission at clutch

    Both ends of the driveshaft are the common "do when you change the tire" items.

    Transmission input shaft can be done without completely removing the transmission.
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