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Thread: Kaoko install problems on F700gs. What am I missing here?

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    Kaoko install problems on F700gs. What am I missing here?

    just received my throttle lock. Install seems easy and the distributor confirmed I have the correct kit for OEM Handguards. When all is installed per instructions, the bar end bolt is tightened. It is at that time everything in the assembly is immovable. The bar end presses so firmly on the assembly that nothing works.

    Who has had this problem and what is the work around. I received 3 pieces in my kit. One thrust washer, one friction nut and one bolt.

    Thanks for your insights!

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    I installed the Kaoko throttle lock on my 2017 F700GS with BMW hand guards without a problem. I can only think of that you don't have the Kaoko kit for your hand guards or, when you installed the wheel part it was totally turned to the lock position when you assembled it.

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    The thrust washer that was included in the kit was notnecessary!

    Works like a charm now. Kaoko needs to update their installation instructions.
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    Apologies for the necropost. I was at my wits’ end today when installing the “Kaoko Throttle Lock Cruise Control For BMW F700GS '13-'16, F800GS '13-'16 & F800GS Adventure '14-'16 | Models with OEM steel backbone handguards” I got for $40 off on a Black Friday sale at Twisted Throttle. A DuckDuckGo search on the issue brought up this thread and saved my sanity.

    Thanks! Hopefully my experience of also not needing the thrust washer will help others who encounter this.
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