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Thread: Need help please ..... 83 cafe build speedometer install from r68

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    Need help please ..... 83 cafe build speedometer install from r68

    Have 1983 R100RT, Buying a r68 Speedo to install in a slash 2 bucket. My question and help I need please

    1. What is my driveline ratio on my 83 R100RT please anyone know ?

    2. the R68 speedo - veigel 0-180 kph W=.95 35/9 final drive R6, this speedo will only read accurately with a 35/9 final drive. That is a ratio of 3.8888
    (That is quite a bit different that 2.9 and it will be wildly inaccurate.)

    3. Is there anyone in the Toronto Canada area that can help with this?
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    Double post...I already posted some info in the Airhead thread.
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