Just an FYI - my 2018 C650GT was at the dealer a few weeks back for a seat hinge repair when I was advised that BMW put out a stop ride alert - a problem with the front brakes of some kind. This meant that the dealers cannot sell any inventory they have and cannot release bikes in the shop until it is resolved. A few weeks later (last week) BMW figured out the isue but said parts won't be available until June - but they also loosened the rule so now I can get mine back and ride it until the required parts arrive.

Personally, with 20K on the bike at this point (I was shooting for 24K in a year but it's been up there over a month), I'm not worried something is going to go sideways but I just wanted to make others aware of the issue.

I believe it only concerns the 2018 model year, but you might want to check with your dealer.