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Thread: I just realized a habit I have that is not good on a scooter.

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    I just realized a habit I have that is not good on a scooter.

    None of my bikes have enclosed storage, well . . . a couple have lockable saddle bags but they have been removed because I don't use them. On my first scooter ride yesterday I put my pack of tools that I carry into the storage under the seat. That's fine. Except I carry my extra key in that tool pack, which sort of defeats its purpose.

    I was reading on the Suzuki Burgman site:

    I was thinking that that was a pretty silly thing to do -- lock up all your stuff, including your key, in the under-seat storage. Then I thought some more and realized that I was sort of silly too . . .

    I don't need to do it now, but is there a way to mechanically open the under-seat storage on the C650GT as was done on the Suzuki Burgman?
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