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Thread: Stock tail light will not work. 2010 R1200 GSA

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    Angry Stock tail light will not work. 2010 R1200 GSA

    Hi All, I in stalled the following LED lighting upgrades and now the only thing not working is the tail light.
    1) Cyclops low and high beam kit.
    2) Cyclops front parking/running light.
    3) Weiser 2-in-1 driving/break/turn signals.
    4) The Signal Dynamics BACK OFF XP brake Light Modulator. Two years ago a 6" LED tail/brake light bar. This WORKS in both modes. Even took it out of the loop. No change.
    So can any body help me with this. I'm getting 12.3VDC at the plug the brake lights works. Is there a way too check the resistance through the tail light without smoke checking it?
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    Some times the LED tail lights wont work. Get anew one and try it. JD
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    Since you had to touch the brake light wire to add in the Weiser turn/brake combo I would start there. Double (triple?) check the wiring tap into the brake circuit. Can I assume the brake light incandescent bulb is good?
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    Iím not familiar with any of that gear. I am familiar with LEDís being polarity sensitive. I donít know if there is any polarity markings on the new lights.
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