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Thread: New member wants to buy his first BMW

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    Here are some 2017 GS models either demo or new for good prices

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    Quote Originally Posted by marcopolo View Post
    I see you have to have been an MOA member for at least a year.
    That's correct and the CCA is the same.
    In 2016 when we bought our RSs we were able to join CCA a few days before the purchase and get the discount.
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    There were great incentives on the 2018's. Usually the big incentives come directly from corporate BMW. I have found their financial services to be very competitive and hey are very easy to work with. The dealers do not really have much to work with margin wise. I'd find someone you like and can build a relationship with, that will be more important in the long run than saving a grand.

    Perhaps an easier approach would be negotiate nice discount (or free) on the accessories, they have a larger margin on those. If they sweeten the deal with a free $500 item "thrown in" the effective value for you is $500, but it might only cost them $ both win. They also may help with the initial service price.

    Keep an eye open for BMW corporate financing deals, I just got 0% for five years with zero down on a leftover 2018. It is nice to use their money for 5 years.

    In the past I have had incentives of free gear/accessories from corporate, great percentage rates, and even a case where they made the first three payments. (I tried to be crafty and finance for 12 months meaning they made 3 huge payments, but that time the minimum was 36 months)

    Good luck,

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    Quote Originally Posted by glowplug View Post
    Does anyone know if the discount is applied at purchase, or is it a rebate paid to the buyer after purchase?

    Details are here.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by glowplug View Post
    Thanks, I did read that but not clear if the discount is applied at purchase or after the fact.

    Anyone have firsthand experience?
    You read this part, right? "MOA members interested in purchasing a new BMW motorcycle with the discount applied should visit their local BMW retailer for details."

    Best to go to the source than to later have to say, "But the interwebs said....."

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    It is a discount applied at the time of purchase. Payment comes to the dealer from BMW. Make your best deal and then take the member discount off of that.
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    Another viewpoint worth every bit of 2 cents:

    As Steve, of Morton's BMW said to my wife before investing in a new BMW: "Just ride your old '09 F650GS to Alaska." No one in the right mind should seriously consider taking a new bike (especially new to them) to AK. What's wrong with a "gently used bike" for your foray into the hinterlands way up north??? WHY MUST YOU buy the latest & greatest Beemer to initiate yourself on such an epic Trek? A 'solid' used, BMW GS variety will easily perform the same feat! As stated on the Adventure World website: Everything will be caked with calcium chloride dust. So two questions:

    A. Which bike will hurt you less to see corroded by the road treatment?
    b. And which bike is easier to clean: an Old GS or a New GS?

    Shop Used - FCS! Then, when you are seriously engrained in the GS genre, only then shop for a New GS Giant! AND -- AND Don't Forget to get some serious off-road riding training & practice! You will learn a lot, and you just might save yourself from SERIOUS INJURY!!! Jumping from a cruiser to a Max'd Out ADV-GS is not a simple & easy transition!

    There Now -- that's my 2 cents worth!

    Most Honestly, HSV-Phil

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    secure your finances before you talk money with the dealerr as then it's over price and they can't hide profit in points and fees. Always be willing to walk away too. If you can't, they have you. If they start with a four square or some other old sales saw, leave. Keep it simple and stick to what you want to pay, which should be fair. I would say no more than MSRP OTD for a current year bike. As far as panniers go, Jesse luggage looks very sturdy.
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    Peacemaker: Not sure where you are located, but at BMW Motorcycles of Southeast Michigan, you can get 10% off all accessories and gear when you purchase a new bike. You must be a member of MOA for a year in good standing to get the MOA discount. The new R1250GS and R1250GSA are almost sold out...none in the warehouse and none coming down the pipe for months. You won't find a dealer giving you a discount on these bikes because of the limited availability. I would not delay if you wanted to secure one. There are currently no incentives on the 1250GS and GSA, and if you can find a new 2018, then you might be in luck, but you are not getting the new, amazing 1250 motor on a 2018.

    Call if you have any questions:


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    I do not try to beat up my dealer on price, in addition to whatever incentives bmw is offering, iíve Gotten the dealer to throw in a nav system, first service free and a discount on any gear I purchase from them in 30 days. Unlike a car there isnít a great deal of meat on the bone when it comes to bike pricing unless itís a leftover model. Also look at demo bikes.
    I bought a 1600gt demo bike will 2000 miles on it at a $2000 dollar savings, with a 40 month warranty, Iíd do it again in a heartbeat on my next purchase

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