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Thread: How many MC pairs of pants for 15 days?

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    Quote Originally Posted by PGlaves View Post
    I will repeat in this thread what I have previously posted in other threads. Be cautious with mesh gear - especially jackets. They are wonderful for short trips to town or around town. But if you are actually touring - say 200 or 300 or more miles a day - you will run serious risk of dehydration wearing a mesh jacket. Too much airflow on the upper body sucks moisture out of your body. This is acutely true in the dry conditions of the west. It is less so in the very humid areas of the southeast. For extended hours riding in the west a well designed vented jacket with zippers to control air flow might not seem as comfortable as mesh but it might save you a big medical bill. Also note that typical skin temperature is 93 or 94 degrees (nominal core temp at 98.6 F). On any day warmer than say 94, airflow on your skin just feels like hot air and actual insulation against the heat is needed more than the hot air blowing on your skin. Wetting down a shirt, LD Comfort gear, or a cool-vest works well with limited airflow and will last an hour or more. A wet garment under a mesh jacket will cool you for 10 minutes or so.
    What he said!
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    Quote Originally Posted by PGlaves View Post
    In those conditions I'd wear a wind stopper over the mesh, if I had one along. I don't need or want hot air 15 degrees hotter than skin temperature blasting my body.
    I wet a long sleeve turtle neck under my mesh. That and with the abundance of armour in my Motoport gear blocking the wind, I don't experience the dehydration mentioned. Of course in those temperatures, I'm sucking water from my water bag every ten minutes.
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    What Paul said.

    When I ride in the hot weather and locations (such as Yuma in August with triple digits and no shade), I wear my Aerostich Darian and it is totally zipped closed. I open the underarm vents and the back vent completely and go. I can literally feel the airflow around my torso and it keeps me at proper body temperature. I drink liquids often--either a camelback or similar--and I guzzle water at every possible stop. The end result is: I am comfortable as long as I can keep moving, but when I stop I am removing the Darian and helmet as quickly as I can do so safely.

    Good luck.
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    Paul and Royce have it. I rode through the Mohave in August (105 anybody?) and my jacket was zipped. Man, that was a hot day but I was drinking water like , well, someone that needs to drink water.

    And don't bring so much stuff! Seriously, I was washing my socks and undies and wicking undershirt every night in the sink. If something didn't get dry overnight, it got bungled to the bike and air dryed. ;-)

    Simplify, simplify. Riding boots, off bike shoes (closed toe) Wicking undershirt, just two. wicking socks, again, just two. How much underwear do you need? wash em and hang 'em. As has been suggested, light pants that dry fast for when you're off the bike. Unless you need a Tux, that and you basic toiletries are all you need. Yeah, electrics if you're going north, or lots of California ;-)
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    Glad I asked...took SOME advice

    Back from 15 days 3700 miles from Upstate NY through Mississippi Delta to Vicksburg and up to Rogers Arkansas and some Ozarks. I left the 'stich home and glad I did- took The Olympia airglide and rain and insulation layer- Pants and rain pants layer. Now- where I didn't listen to the preponderant advice- I took THREE riding pants. Klim Kfifty 2 for long days- they were the most protective and fine to walk into a restaurant with (yeah, I'm a little vain). I also wore the Olympia mesh with shorts underneath for sightseeing days- sandals in my Kreiga- and for moderately long stops (museums or music) I put the Daytona boots in the trunk and wore sandals and shorts. I also packed my BMW Summer Three (?) pants- great for camping and zipping around- also perfect for Mammoth Cave walks! 2 pair were in one saddle bag, one pair on me...the other bag had THREE pair of riding socks- 2 Klim summer vented and One pair of Moto-Skiveez compression (for long days) as well as underwear, t-shirts and bathroom stuff. Tent andf sleeping bag and "kitchen" in a rubber duffel strapped to the pillion and maps, rags, gloves, electrolyte and water bottles in the top-case. It worked perfectly for me. Maybe I coulda done without the summer three- but that would have added dirt and stress to the "decent" shorts. I was comfortable with how I packed- not over-stuffed but ample choices. I inwardly chuckled when someone suggested three pair of gloves, but my held summers got soaked and the GS gloves were hot (except when they were perfect for wet cold day, and I had the back-up third pair- anyway- I was gratified by the many responses to my OP and really did take much of it to heart (even if it doesn't sound it...)

    Ironically, the prospect of hot hot weather sort of threw me more than my Cape Breton trip did- I really think colder is easier!

    Thanks again!
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