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Thread: 55-69 Model Tire Choices

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    55-69 Model Tire Choices

    Im very familiar with the Avon RoadRider Series tires. They are a good all round tire and at a fair price usually.

    It seems that a recommended (Barringtons also) and frequently used front tire on most 55-69 twins is an Avon AM26 RoadRider 100/90-18. Standard Rims on those models are 3.

    Avons specs say the max rim width for a 100/90-18 is 2.75.

    Why are not 110/90 x 18 Avons that are specd for 3 rims being used instead of the 100/90s ?
    Are tires specd for the inside of the rims where the actual tire bead mounts ?

    Also, what is the height aspect ratio of a tire when its size is only listed, as say, 3.0, 3.5 or 4.0 x (? ?).


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    Try Metzler C-Blocks

    If you have an Earles fork bike the front and rear tire are the same size and hopefully the same make and tread pattern. I have Metzler C-Block tires 350-18 front an rear on all my Earles fork /2's.
    My R 60US has continental tires with a 400-18 rear and a 350-18 on the front. If you have a sidecar they recommend a 400-18 rear that is specific for side car use.

    I have had good luck with the Metzlers and Continentals. I bought a dormant R 90S a few years back, it had sat since 1979. The bike came with brand new Continental tires and tubes that were mounted back in 1979 and had zero miles on them, they still had air and the nubs on them. The tires and tubes were in good shape except the front had some dry rot were the failed brake calipers leaked brake fluid on them and dried them out. I took those tires and tubes and mounted them on some Lester mags, they still held air and I took a slow and easy 100 mile ride on them just to see if they would hold up. They still hold air and are still on the bike.

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    Try Metzler C-Blocks
    I do not use ANY Metzler products. Im Voting w/ my wallet.

    Avons are just fine. Im just curious about size recommendations, etc.


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    I paid $95 a tire plus $5 a tube shipped to my door. I was able to install the tube type tires by hand with no tools needed. They are durable, the correct size and when the rear tire wears down you simply rotate the front to the back and get another 1,000 or so miles out of your tires.

    Those Hindinua (I can't spell it) tires from Germany last a lot longer but are stiff and nearly impossible to mount without a machine.

    I like to keep it simple and stick to the inch measurement tires for the vintage fleet.

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