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Thread: R75/6 front tire rubbing

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    The old 3.25 was rubbing on the front fenderís metal bracket. I bought the new tires based on what was recommended to me by a guy who owns a classic auto/moto repair shop. He was trying to help me out because Iím not familiar with the tires. He thought the old 3.25 was too big to begin with. I canít find a manual or resource that tells me what size tires the 1975 R90/6 takes/requires. Is perhaps the fenderís metal bracket the problem? Does not look bent or crooked though...letís oks true.

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    A 90/90/19 metric sized tire will not rub. A 100/90/19 is considered to be the nearest metric equivalent to the original 3.25- 19, but some tires have a wider edge profile.
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    Thank you all for your advice!

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