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Thread: Accessory socket

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    Accessory socket

    Hi all!

    I want to semi-permanently install a USB charger on my bike (2005 R1200RT).

    My bike is equipped with the DIN accessory socket close to the left knee.

    I don't want a big adapter sticking out of the port but I want to use this power source for the USB connector.

    Instead of cutting the accessory wires and hooking them up to the USB charger, I figured it might be neater to use the existing quick connector that allows the DIN connector to be disconnected when removing the fairing.

    Does anyone know what type of connector this is?


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    BMW sells a USB charger that goes into the BMW sockets. I have SAE direct-to-battery connectors for charging. BMW and lots of others all SAE to USB converters. There all fairly small.
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    I connected a phone power converter to the GPS cable along with my GPS and my TPMS. (The connector supplies 12V)
    I ran the cable through my glove box.
    When I need to charge my phone, I plug it and put it the glove box.

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    Thanks all for your replies.

    I realize I may have not been clear enough in my question.

    What I want is to identify the type of connector TO the DIN power outlet.

    This is the male part:
    Connector - Male.jpg
    This is the female part:
    Connector - Female.jpg

    Anyone knows what this type of connector is?
    I want to buy a female connector and attach it to an accessory USB adapter I have.

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