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Thread: A warm hello to all from British Columbia, Canada!

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    A warm hello to all from British Columbia, Canada!

    Hello All!

    Turns out I signed up for this forum in 2015, then forgot all about So time for an introduction:

    Grew up in The Netherlands and since 2007 live in western Canada (BC) which is great motorcycle riding country as many of you know. I own a 2005 F650 GS on which I clocked around 220.000 kms and includes a 88.000 kms 15 month journey through all 49 continental US States, all 10 Canadian provinces and 2 Territories (except Nunavut) plus Mexico and all of Central America down to Panama. Now in my late 30's, I am a full MOA member and enjoy reading everyone's stories and learning more about our bikes while continuing to ride of course.

    To reduce the mileage heat on my trusty old 650 single I added a 2012 1200GS Rallye edition with 16.000 kms (attached photo) to my collection last year and will split the riding miles. The bike was in Ontario at the time, so I flew over and rode the 4000 km back to BC over 5 days in October 2018. In my experience, that big GS is a dream to ride and whole lot less 'work' to put miles on compared to the 650. I really love both!

    I am looking forward to continue learning and working with the riding community. Be it through online forums or in person during rallies

    Thank you all in advance and ride safe!


    P.S. for anyone interested, I wrote a 'First Bike' story back in the 2015 October issue of Owners News. Look for the blue sky pages 88/89.
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    A young lady saw me on my GS one day and said: "Nice bike! I didn't know BMW made motorcycles". I asked her to join me for a ride so she'd never forget. We dated for 3 years...

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    Marco, welcome to the forum! Love the color of your 1200GS, beautiful.
    On the coast of Kansas
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    Welcome to the forum. I'm in Calgary and have spent a lot of time riding in the Kootenaes, since way back in the late 80s. Hardly missed a year riding out there. Great place to own a pair of GSs.
    Ed Miller, Calgary, AB
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    Marco a warm welcome here and i like and love your 1200GS, color and style

    amazing bro/...

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    I love riding the Kootenays.
    What town are you in?
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