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Thread: 2018 BMW K 1600 GTL and BMW Helmet and Communication System.

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    Question 2018 BMW K 1600 GTL and BMW Helmet and Communication System.

    I purchased the above bike, BMW carbon helmet and communication system. I purchased all BMW equipment assuming that the units would be totally compatible. I am finding that may not be the case. I have an iPhone 8. I have followed the operation instructions to the tee. I even paired the units completely twice. My dealer has not been much help, no real communication specialist other than a sales person in attire. My challenges are; The bike sound system sounds good when speakers are on and when the bike is not running. The sound quality and volume control is not what I would expect while the bike is running. When using the helmet sound quality and clarity is frankly very poor, and over 80 kms per hour the sound is distorted and is not enjoyable to listed to. The Navigation unit seems to come through loud and clear with directions. I have yet to be able to set up the Media button the play music stored on my phone. The music works fine on the USB aux connection. I can use the phone but I have use the call and hang up and manually select names from my contact list using the Navigation system. The system will not work by voice activation, again clarity is a big issue.

    I have owned numerous touring BMW's (6) and Gold Wings (4) over the last 43 years and feel some why confidence on what is working properly and what is not! I am starting to think that maybe the decision to go all BMW equipment was a mistake.

    Any help you folks can give me would be greatly appreciated.

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    Schubert C3 Pro and BMW Communication System

    Thanks for your post, however I can't give you any advice because I'm having issues with my setup as well. I ride a '16 RTW and have a C3 Pro Helmet with the BMW Comm System bolted on it. It has worked pretty well for the first couple of years. But now, I'm having issues of short battery life. Sometimes I'll get 1 hour, 3 hours, 6 hours and 12 hours of use and other times it will shut down after 30 mins. Feeling that the battery could be suspect, i ordered one last Sept '18 with my local dealer, only to be told that they're on back order! Well fast forward to March '19 and guess what? The battery is still on back order. Wow. Now a new problem has surfaced and that after 30 minutes I loose connectivity between the bike's radio system and my helmet! This happened out of the blue. My helmet stays on and I receive GPS directions but no radio!

    Has anyone else had issues like these? I'm thinking that the Comm System is in dire need of a firmware upgrade but was told that you can't do that. Seems strange that you can't. Has anyone ever replaced a battery in their BMW Communication System and / or upgraded their firmware? If so, please chime in. Thank You. RayG

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