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Thread: Scotland/Ireland Sept 2019

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    Scotland/Ireland Sept 2019

    I have the opportunity to be in Scotland and/or Ireland for second/third week in September. I would like to have the opportunity to do some riding there, but since I'll be coming off two week tour of the alps with a company finances dictate I try to rent a motorcycle (sport touring, adventure touring - I ride an R1200GSA), come up with routes, and try to find some airbnb accommodations. Would appreciate any help or suggestions from folks who have ridden in these areas of have connections there that might be helpful. Many thanks.

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    I vote for the West Coast of Ireland (or the the perimeter If any time left over). The whole time too.

    And take your rain gear. You could spend the whole time in the rain (Scotland too) or not. I went for two weeks once and never saw more than a few drops and ocean mist. Some friends went and spent their entire two weeks in the rain. Another trip was normal rain.

    Both are wonderful places and you’ll be the one to decide what you are interested in.


    p.s. The. “WONDERFUL” above should have been all Capital letters.

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    Traveled over there a couple times. Used Celtic Riders both times for bike rental. They also assisted with route planning and lodging. We particularly liked the northern areas (Donegal County and Northern Ireland) as there was less tourist traffic. Took bike on ferry from Belfast to Scotland on last trip and rode there for 2 weeks. The scenery in the Scottish Highlands and Isle of Skye is fantastic. Food in Ireland is better than Scotland (in my opinion) and the Irish are very hospitable. Weather both places is iffy. We had some beautiful weather days and a lot of typical overcast wet days. Never had weather so bad that we couldn't travel.

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