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Thread: Waterproof gloves

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    Quote Originally Posted by pappy35 View Post
    I'm getting my Klim gloves in today and will report on their effectiveness as well. Regarding the Aerostich's, it would be very interesting to know whether they prevent water from running down the sleeve of your jacket and entering the gloves that way. That's my presumption regarding gauntlet gloves in general so it'll be interesting to see if that applies to them. I really like Aerostich and these are inexpensive enough to make them very attractive.
    stitch discusses the over or under issue on the website. they also sell a short gauntlet version of the triple digit glove specifically for those that want to tuck under jacket sleeve.
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    I also have the BMW Dry Glove and so far they have been waterproof. I would consider them a bit bulky for summer wear, but really nice in the Spring and Autumn.

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    My experience has been to always have at least two pairs of gloves so when the first pair gets soaked I have the opportunity to get the second pair wet too.

    "Waterproof gloves" is often an oxymoron, but things might be getting better.
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    Got my Klim Vanguard gloves last night. Nice bit of kit these and I'm fast becoming a Klim fanboi. Of course it's not going to rain until next week so it'll be a little while until I know for sure whether they work...
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