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Thread: Replacing with Spiegler brake line - 2003 K1200GT Top Line Crimps

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    Replacing with Spiegler brake line - 2003 K1200GT Top Line Crimps

    The top brake Line on my 2003 K1200GT had a 80mm riser added and causing a problem. Prior owner and I didn't notice until recently how a left turn puts it under pressure.

    Solution is to order a +2 inch top brake line and replace it. Not urgent other than I want to fix a wrong. A complete kit of the Spiegler Brake and Clutch lines was picked up but now I have questions.

    I am thinking of a short cut to drain the handlebar brake reservoir, unscrew the line/replace the line. Then fill the handlebar reservoir with fluid. Gravity will let the bubbles rise eventually and be good. No bleeding to push the bubbles downward through the ABS and front calipers. Pictures show the end part of the line is on the frame about 10 inches away. I will have air in that line up to the top.

    Full brake and clutch fluids changed 500 miles ago last Fall by my favorited dealer. The current fluid is fresh.

    The following videos on 2003 K12RS was pretty good until part 2 that pulls the battery, deals with F1, F2, F3, R1, R2, etc adding ground down speed bleeders. Uh, not too excited about this process. I like learning, but I prefer to be riding than go giving me ABS issues for several weeks.

    Part 1 Front/rear wheels

    Part 2 ABS circuits

    If my short cut method is not practical or a good idea, I guess plan B is to ask my dealer to install them and rebelled everything, Not sure cost, maybe $350 range.

    I don't know. dilemma. Your thoughts welcome.
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    2003 K1200GT

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