Run the last seven of your VIN in one of the online BMW vin decoders (example: The code for a factory lowered G650GS is "X499A." This will appear at the bottom under "other equipment." Center stands (main stands) on these bikes were optional. Some machines came through with main stands. If it did, you'll see the code "X636A" at the bottom.

If you don't see the codes mentioned above, one of the previous owners lowered the bike with fastory parts or by other means such as sliding the fork tubes up a little in the triple tree and using Kouba links.

For the time being, if you want to avoid popping a hernia while doing maintenance on the bike at home, roll the 650's rear tire onto a piece of 1x6 wood (or something similar). This will greatly lower the effort required to put it up on the stand. Good luck.