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    Another Camhead Windscreen option...

    In a quest for a better windscreen for my 2013 Camhead, I stumbled upon a solution I’d never heard of – here’s the story:

    Initially, I was searching for a Cee Bailey’s screen in the used market, but had no success. So, I began looking at options from AeroFlow, V-Stream, Cal Sci, and Werks Quiet Ride.

    I decided to exclude the AeroFlow, because I was concerned about clearance with the OEM Navigation on my bike. I ruled out Cal Sci because I just didn’t like the way it looked – a totally subjective matter. That reduced me to V-Stream & Werks. I discovered Werks only makes a screen for 2014 and newer RTs. I had a V-Stream on a previous bike (Honda ST1300) and I liked how it looked. But it did not perform well with buffeting on my helmet unless it was raised all the way up – forcing me to ride while looking through the screen, which I dislike.

    So, against all odds, I reached out to Werks to see if there may be an option for a custom order. The owner was extremely kind to me and quite generous with his time, but he was not able to make a custom shield. However, he did know of another company that he thought could provide a great solution. That company is 7 Jurock, of California. I was told the owner of 7 Jurock worked for Cee Bailey many years ago, and was a master with windscreen design and style.

    I am 6’4” with a 36-inch inseam. Based on this, Werks recommended I buy the 26-inch version. 7 Jurock also makes a 22.5” and 24” version for the 10-13 RT. All sizes are available in clear or light grey. I ordered mine in light grey – total cost was $239, with free shipping. They make your shield after you order it – but they are quick. I ordered mine on a Wednesday, and received it 8 business days later.

    I am completely pleased with how this screen looks and how it performs. Raising it only about 30% of travel reduces helmet buffeting to virtually zero – leaving me a ton of room to still see over top of it. There’s also no perceivable back pressure, until the screen is completely raised – and then it’s just a breath across the back of my neck. The minor flip on this screen not only performs quite well, I think it looks cool too. I’ve included a photo of the screen on my bike...

    A quick search of the MOA Forum does show a handful of threads where 7 Jurock is mentioned, but I didn’t see any posts specific to the Camhead RT, so thought this might be of some interest here. FYI, I am not affiliated in any way with 7 Jurock. I’m just happy to share my discovery with fellow MOA Camhead Owners. Anyway, they make screens for a host of other bikes too - website is:

    Jurock Screen.jpg
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