I tried to renew my membership online today. But no, I must upload a profile photo or opt out. I skipped that step. Then I am asked to post a message. I skipped that step. Then my screen was filled with the picture of 2 arrows chasing each other in a circle, with the message above "Your Community is Being Created", or something like that. This continued for 20 minutes, at which time I gave up. My computer is working fine, so I guess it is a glitch of some sort. I left a message for the guy that is in charge of the site. It is one thing to be forced to run a gauntlet of social network offerings, but to be punished and denied access to the site apparently for opting out, beyond irritating. I guess no one else is having this problem, or the moderator is censoring web site complaints. Anyway, I thought I should let other know. Good luck!