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Question, Alan. You mention this as an example of a bad thing in the US credit card industry, but I am treated the same way by my credit card companies and I consider it a GOOD thing that they do. It is an early warning (usually within an hour or so, sometimes quicker) that someone has possibly hacked my card. It has saved me having to get a new credit card several times when I have in fact been traveling on the bike and purchasing gas in small quantities in different towns along the same route.
Hi Royce, ED Miller summed it up quite well.

Like you say, the companies are very good at letting us know when our card has been hacked, and I'm grateful that they are.

As Ed mentioned, the issue is with a large number of businesses in the US using older, less secure systems than most of the "Western World". Because criminals tend to be quite aware of this, the frequency of hacked security appears from my purely anecdotal experience to be much higher than most other countries I travel, even worse than my many travels in Eastern Europe (not been to Poland, Russia, etc., so no experience there).

It is really unfortunate because it could be fixed very easily, the technology has been in use in Canada and Europe for many years now.