I was wandering the Internet today and came upon this photo;

Screen Shot 2019-04-16 at 5.35.54 PM.png

Essentially, it's a photo of a traffic jam in Cape Canaveral, Florida in 1962. I looked at the photo and started to see if I could identify the year and make of the cars in the photo. Here's my analysis:

Photo Made in 1962 in Cape Canaveral FL
Background: I became interested in cars from an early age and motorcycles not much later. I spotted the
accompanying photo which was taken in 1962. Once I saw it, I started trying to identify
vehicles which might have been present on a street in Cape Canaveral, FL in that year based
only on appearance. There seem to be 27 vehicles facing toward the camera and one facing

My look at each of the vehicles seemed to show among all 28 of them one European car, one
Lincoln, maybe a Chevy Corvette, a Chevy Corvair, a couple of station wagons and several
pickup trucks. The oldest car seems to be a 1953 Ford. There’s also an Edsel I think.
I made what I thought were partially accurate guesses regarding year of manufacture, and car
make. If I had no idea about the year, I put a question mark. If I couldn’t figure out a thing, I put
two. Here are my guesses. Perhaps other older car-watchers will have their own ideas:

1) 1960 VW - (large rear window)
2) 1963 Chevy
3) 1953 Ford
4) ? Chevrolet P/U truck
5) 1963 Buick
6) 1960 Buick
7) ?? Coca-Cola Delivery truck
8) 1962 Chevrolet
9) 1959 Ford
10) ?? P/U truck
11) 1962 Lincoln
12) ??
13) 1959 Chevrolet
14) ? Chevrolet Pickup
15) ? Edsel
16) ? Dodge Camper
17) ? Plymouth Valiant
18) ? Mercury
19) 1955 Ford Station Wagon
20) ? Buick
21) ? Chevrolet P/U truck
22) ? Corvair
23) ??
24) 1957 Chevrolet
25) ? Corvette
26) ??
27) ??
On the right, facing away from the camera: 1959 Plymouth Station wagon.

I hope all who’ve read this find this interesting.