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Thread: which motorcycle lift ?

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    If I was going to buy a unit that would allow me to push a motorcycle around the garage, I would go with a 3 point device. If you google 3 point motorcycle dolly, you will get many examples.
    The leverage point is rather critical considering how top heavy the bike is in relationship to that low leverage point. Throw in the chance of a pebble or leftover nut on the floor chocking or stopping the wheel rather abruptly, a person will be hanging on to some unexpected weight- half on wheels.
    Just my opinion.
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    I've used the Harbor Freight dolly for years, first on my wife's VLX and now on my RT and it's worked wonderfully. Makes it reasonably easy to move the bike around the garage and get it out of the way. Oh, and it's very stable ... no worries about it tipping over. You do need to be a little careful loading it up on there but it's really not that difficult. It allows me to get both of our cars in the garage along with the RT and a Honda Magna I've got tucked into another corner.

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    Dynamoto Movable Motorcycle Stands

    Quote Originally Posted by mosrrt View Post
    I am looking for a motorcycle lift to move the R1200RT - GS around the garage easier . I see one at Harbor Freight but don't know how they work .
    Input please
    Not sure if this what you had in mind, but the wheels move in all directions. Pretty cool idea. Check out the video.

    (You may have to give them a call about the RT)
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    Park'n Move

    I've used this stand on several GSAs and have not had an issue with it, it does raise the bike up on the center stand 3/4" taller but is not that much more difficult getting it up. I do have an issue getting the bike off the stand once I have the side bags fully loaded (when you push forward to take off the center stand the stand moves and you have to block it or lock the wheels.) Ease of moving the bike it great and has really freed up a lot of room in the garage.

    For the lift I have been using a Kendon lift that stands up out of the way when you are not using it, great space saver also and because it is smaller (skinner, still rated for 1,000#) than most stands you are not reaching into the bike. I enjoy the bike but have trouble dedicating that much space to the working area and a space to still park the bike once riding season comes along.


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    Park n Move

    A single car garage for me and I am space challenged in the winter with a car in it, especially since I try to commute to work year round and need access to my bike when the ice is off the road in CT. Picked up the Park n Move 10 years ago when I had a K75RT and it worked great (the Park n Move and the K75). Kept the Park n Move when I changed to a R12GS and it works even better since the GS is very easy (compared to the K75) to simply press on the pillion seat gently and have both tires off the floor. It makes it so easy to tuck it against the back wall and still have room to squeeze the car in the garage. You do need to chock the wheels on the Park n Move, as mentioned earlier, to easily get the bike off it. I don't bother with the wheel locks. Just keep a couple of used brake pads from your next brake job. They make excellent wheel chocks for the Park n Move.
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