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Thread: Need s left side carb for a slash 2

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    Need s left side carb for a slash 2

    want to buy a left side 1/26/7 carb for a bmw slash2 r69

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    Buying/selling things on the forum is not permitted per the posting guidelines. You can try the Marketplace link at the top of the page. I will close this thread and it will be deleted at a later time.

    I will also move this thread to the Vintage section of the forum with other questions about the pre 1970 bikes.

    That said, other sources for parts can be:

    - ebay
    - used parts dealers (see my signature line)
    - Vech at Benchmark Works
    - Bing in Kansas

    It may be difficult to find the matching carb. You might need to find another pair that will work. Are you sure about the carb number being 7. According to this sheet, the earliest carbs were 1/26/9-10.
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