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Thread: A thank you to David L. Hough

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    A thank you to David L. Hough

    I wanted David to know that I read his Proficient Motorcycling books every spring. It's part of my getting ready to ride again routine. Even more important is that because of his recommendations I have saved myself from difficult situations on several occasions. One was braking and slowing down before a blind S-turn on a two lane highway. This enabled me to avoid an edge trap in the middle of the lane, exactly where I would have put the front wheel. Another time on the same turn this technique enabled me to avoid about a shovel full of gravel on the road. On another highway I noticed a change in the color of the road surface so, as David recommends, I slowed down because the surface conditions might be different. They were. This patch of road at the beginning of the lean in position before a curve was broken up and flaky asphalt.

    Just a thank you for making riding safer for a re-entry rider.
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    And, thanks to David for his Yellowbook on how to ride a sidecar outfit. We recently got our first sidecar and the Yellowbook is a great way to get started correctly.
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    I also re-read David Hough's books every year in late winter /early spring. Reading his books has on many occasions saved me from being in dangerous situations. Case in point, slowing down on two lane roads while cresting a hill. On one occasion, two dogs occupied the lane just below the hill's crest. Another time a van was parked in my lane, not visible until I reached the hilltop. Once going into an S turn to hot, his advice kicked in. Whenever I ride, his advice is always with me.

    When a nephew got a bike, I bought him Dave's books. Often I recommend his writing to less experienced riders.

    For me, reading his books has made riding much safer and enjoyable for me!

    When I first got back into riding, it was September 2004. That winter I read every book I could find on motorcycle safety in order to not kill myself (seen too many bike injuries as a kid working in hospitals) and Dave Hough's books stood head and shoulders above all the others.
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    And "Thank You" to David for his longtime and strong support of continuing safety training and the Motorcycle Safety Foundation. The learning (and practice) never stops.

    Ride fast safely

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    I always tell new riders that learning to ride a motorcycle is a steep learning curve. If they're committed, i.e. they've gotten the endorsement, I loan them my worn copies of Proficient Motorcycling and More Proficient Motorcycling.

    I recall Voni Glaves also credits David with helping her understand how to ride safely. I vaguely remember her also saying: "Safe Riding is no accident."
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