I'm driving my bike up from San Diego this week on first leg of my Alaska leg. Going to stash by 1200 GSA at my sisters house in Kirkland.

Anyways- I am planning on putting some new tires on when I get to Seattle next weekend, April 19. I want to do it on my own but never done it. Was wondering if someone here would be kind enough to show me the ropes. I realize there is almost no chance- but hey- figured I would ask. I'm trying to learn it so I can put in a tube if I am stuck somewhere in the middle of nowhere with a side puncture that can't be plugged.

If not- all good. I can get them done at the dealer with my service. It's fun to meet people. I don't mind throwing you some bucks/beer/dinner whatever.

On a side note- while BMW dealerships are always expensive- I have to say Seattle is on a whole other level. I live San Diego which I thought was a pricey market. My local charges $105 for mount balance with wheels on bike. They are charging $150 at BMW Seattle. BMW Lynwood charges $200! Lynwood also charges $782 for a service that my local BMW Escondido does for $310! Wowsa.