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Thread: Windshield for a 2016 f800GSA recommendation

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    Windshield for a 2016 f800GSA recommendation

    I recently purchased a 2016 BMW F800GS Adventure and joined this great forum. I need some advice on getting a windshield to replace the stock version. Unlike most riders I don't mind looking through the windshield, and am looking for a screen that hopefully is buffeting free and gives good overall protection. I'm 6'2'', 180 lbs., with a 32 inch inseam and also own a 2014 Honda Valkyrie on which I installed their OEM tall touring windshield, but had to add a MRA wing to the top of the shield to eliminate some buffeting and it solved the problem.

    In my case a taller shield would be preferable and my initial research shows Givi Airflow and Puig windshields getting some decent reviews. I understand that fitting a windshield has lots of variables, but I would appreciate any real world advice from our members who have had success with their after market windshield. Hope all of you in the Midwest have been able to get a few times already this season.

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    Welcome to the forum!
    It will be good to see what recommendations you receive.....I'm thinking of a change on my F800GS.
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    On recommendation from a friend of mine with a F800GS and a windshield from MadStad I installed one on my F700GS.

    It can be tilted and moved up/down allowing for a perfect positioning. I can easily see over the windshield and I have no turbulences around my helmet.

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    I like being able to adjust my windscreen depending on the weather/traffic. I've added a MRA-like screen extension on several bikes, and enjoyed how well they worked.

    Too bad that Madstad doesn't make an option...

    I'd also take a look at the Wunderlich Raid Vario

    There's also the Britannia Mirage 2
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